Pontoon and PowerChina enter into an agreement to develop a solar energy complex in Brazil

Brazilian Clean Tech company Pontoon has reached an agreement with construction giant PowerChina for the development of large-scale solar photovoltaic power generation projects in Brazil. The strategic partnership begins with the Intrepid solar energy complex, located in Ceará, which will have an installed capacity of 425 MWp and an investment of 1.8 billion reais in the engineering, acquisitions and construction phase.

PowerChina will be responsible for the entire engineering, acquisition and construction (EPC) process of the photovoltaic park, as well as for all the investments necessary for the construction and operation of the enterprise.

Work on the solar energy complex has already started and is expected to start operating by mid-2025. About 75% of the energy generated has already been sold through long-term contracts to large consumers, including companies such as Panasonic and BRF.

(Source: Petrosolgas)