Petrobras announces partnership with China for renewable energy generation in Brazil

On the 4th of May, Petrobras announced an agreement with the Chinese company China Energy International for a partnership in the generation and exploration of renewable energy projects in Brazil.

According to a statement issued by the Brazilian state-owned company, the companies agreed to create a working group to analyze business opportunities in this area, which will begin operations in the second half of this year and will be led by Petrobras’ Director of Energy Transition and Sustainability, Maurício Tolmasquim.

One of the focuses of the agreement between Petrobras and China Energy International will be the production of so-called “green hydrogen”. China Energy International has sought to explore areas such as energy storage, and has projects and studies with green hydrogen and ammonia. The Chinese state-owned company also operates in the area of basic sanitation and desalination.

(Fonte: UOL)