Official says Portugal keen to draw more Zhejiang tourists

A Portuguese tourism official has said the government and tourism industry in her country wish to make it easier for people in the eastern Chinese province of Zhejiang to visit, the Zhejiang News website reports.

The website quotes the official, Maria João Pereira, as saying Chinese visitors are important for the growth of tourism in Portugal, and that about 35 percent of them come from Zhejiang.

The report says Ms Pereira was speaking at the opening of an exhibition in Lisbon about the desirability of Zhejiang as a place to visit.

The history, culture and tourist attractions of Zhejiang could prompt more Portuguese to visit the province, the report quotes her as saying.

Zhejiang and Portugal have forged many links in the fields of education, culture, trade and tourism, and Zhejiang is one of the main draws for tourists in China, the Zhejiang News website quotes a Zhejiang tourism official, Xu Peng, as saying.