Nyusi says China to forgive Mozambican debt due in 2018

Mozambican President Filipe Nyusi has said China will forgo repayment of interest-free loans to Mozambique that mature this year, AIM reports.

The Mozambican state-owned news agency says Mr Nyusi gave no value for the loans.

The president told a news conference in Beijing after the Sino-African summit meeting there this week that China had given Mozambique 140 million yuan (US$20.4 million), 100 million yuan of it for development projects.

The report says that during the summit representatives of China and Mozambique signed three agreements to co-operate. One of the agreements will allow Mozambique to export fruit and vegetables to China.

Mozambican Finance Minister Adriano Maleiane will go to Beijing in the next few days to propose ways to spend the US$60 billion that Chinese President Xi Jinping promised on Monday to give to the African continent, AIM quotes Mr Nyusi as saying.