NIU begins selling its electric scooters in Portugal

Chinese maker of electric scooters Niu Technologies has last week opened a showroom in Lisbon with a view to penetrating the Portuguese market, the Motor 24 website reports.

Lithium batteries made by EVE Energy Co. Ltd of China power the scooters Niu is selling in Portugal, giving the vehicles a range of up to 100 km, the Portuguese website says.

In a separate report, the Moto Jornal website says NIU has formed a partnership with Portuguese distributor NP-Mob to tap the local market, and that NP-Mob means to open another showroom for NIU scooters, in the northern Portuguese city of Oporto.

NP-Mob sold 50 NIU scooters in to a company in Portugal even before they were put on sale to the general public there, the Portuguese website says.