Next Chinese medical team will arrive in Cabo Verde in August

The Chinese Ambassador to Cabo Verde, Xu Jie, stated on 25th July that the next group of Chinese medical personnel will arrive in Cabo Verde in August. Since 1984, China has regularly sent medical teams to Cabo Verde. In the 38 years since, a total of 19 teams have been dispatched.

The nineteenth Chinese medical team arrived in Cabo Verde in February of 2021. For over a year and a half, the team has performed its duties with a high sense of responsibility. They have overcome difficulties and worked with local colleagues on the front against COVID-19 and developed a deep friendship with them.

According to the Ambassador, China and Cabo Verde have fruitful cooperation in the field of health, such as assistance to the Hospital Agostinho Neto, dispatch of medical teams to Cabo Verde, and donations of medical supplies and vaccines, among others.