Mozambique will continue to deepen cooperation with China, says the Minister of Industry and Commerce

Mozambican Industry and Commerce Minister Silvino Augusto José Moreno said at the 3rd China-Africa Economic and Trade Expo in Changsha that African countries generally find cooperation with China beneficial and can see the advantages of such cooperation. According to him, Mozambique will continue to deepen cooperation with China.

The Mozambican minister also said that since the establishment of the comprehensive strategic partnership in 2016, Mozambique and China have achieved rapid development of economic and trade relations, especially in the areas of infrastructure, health, industry and agriculture.

Speaking about the concept of “China-Africa Shared Future Community” proposed by Chinese President Xi Jinping, Moreno emphasized the importance of this concept for both Africa and China, as it offers opportunities and dynamism for exchange and cooperation between countries. two sides.

(Source: CRI)