Mozambique reviews viability of 20 state-owned companies

The viability of 20 state-owned companies is being assessed by the Mozambique government, the Notícias newspaper reports.

The companies should be disposed, closed or sold by December and a further 20 state-owned businesses would undergo the same assessment next year, Mozambique’s Minister of Economy and Finance, Adriano Maleiane, was quoted as saying. Six firms have already been assessed and restructured.

“We plan to improve the state’s portfolio of investments, streamline it and transform it into a more robust and quality-led portfolio, which is able to compete with other companies in the market, both in terms of income and quality and corporate governance for transparency,” Mr Maleiane was quoted as saying.

Mr Maleiane made the comments during the 21st meeting of the Consultative Council of Mozambique’s Institute for Management of State Holdings, known as IGEPE.