Mozambican artworks on show at exhibition in Beijing

An exhibition of calligraphy and other works of visual art by Chinese, North Korean and Mozambican artists has opened in Beijing on Friday, Notícias reports.

The Mozambican newspaper says the exhibition, in the Cultural Palace of Nationalities, is entitled My Country, My Dream.

The report says the show displays about 300 artworks, including 50 works on the theme of women warriors by Mozambican Minister of Culture and Tourism Silva Dunduro, and opened with a performance of a piece entitled Shilongo, composed by Mozambican musician and choreographer Casimiro Nhussi.

The show is being put on by the China International Cultural Communication Center to mark 70 years since the foundation of the People’s Republic of China, the report says.

A branch of the centre is set to open in Mozambique, which can learn from the Chinese experience in exploiting culture and creativity for economic purposes, Notícias quotes Mr Dunduro as saying.