Metro do Porto wants to receive all trains manufactured in China by the end of 2023

It was last October that the first train of the 18 new trains made in China for the Porto metro was on its way to Portugal. It is expected that the unit will arrive in a few days at the port of Tarragona on a cargo ship and that it will then be transported by truck to the repair shops in Guifões, in Matosinhos. The other 17 trains should be in Portugal by the end of next year.

The trains made in China will all arrive in time for the completion of the expansion works on the Yellow Line, from Santo Ovídio to Vila d’Este. The Yellow Line will also be one of the three Metro do Porto connections to debut a new communication system.

In addition, Metro do Porto announced the purchase of 22 new trains for the Rubi Line, as well as the establishment of a new material workshop in Vilar de Andorinho in 2024.

(Source: Echo Boomer)