Mapa announces quality certification of Brazilian cotton for China’s state-owned company

The Minister of Agriculture and Livestock of Brazil, Carlos Fávaro, announced on the 22nd of August the official certification of Brazilian cotton to Yuan Fei, president of Chinatex, a Chinese state-owned company focused on the textile industry.

The certification guarantees the veracity of the reports from the fiber analysis laboratories within the international quality standards backed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock.

Yuan Fei pointed out that the company, the biggest buyer of cotton in China, wants to promote the Brazilian product in the Chinese market. In the last five years, Chinatex has already bought 400 thousand tons of cotton from Brazil.

The delegation from the state-owned company visited cotton producing regions and farms in Mato Grosso and Bahia and learned about the cotton classification process and also spoke with authorities in the national agricultural sector.

(Source: Canal Rural)