Many businesspeople in Bolsonaro’s entourage in China

Representatives of the Brazilian trade and investment promotion agency, Apex-Brasil, and of 110 Brazilian companies are accompanying Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro on his three-day visit to China that ends tomorrow, the agency says.

Apex Brasil issued a written statement saying the companies have been doing business in China for the past three years, most in the fields of food and drink, machinery, energy, mining, chemicals, footwear and leather, information technology, engineering or financial services.

The statement quotes Apex-Brasil President Sergio Segovia as saying the visit is a great opportunity to expand Sino-Brazilian economic engagement.

“Apex-Brasil acts to support Brazilian companies who want to better understand the Chinese business environment. We also act as a one-stop-shop to investment, helping Chinese investors who want to go to Brazil”, Mr Segovia said.

The party has already visited the China Agricultural University Technology Park and Hema, a new type of shop run by Alibaba Group Holding Ltd, and is attending today a seminar on business between China and Brazil which covers investment in Brazilian infrastructure, agribusiness and innovation, Apex-Brasil says.