Mainland China, HK take up slack in Brazilian pork exports

Growth in Mainland Chinese and Hong Kong imports of Brazilian pork has counteracted the effect on the Brazilian meat industry of the Russian embargo on imports on Brazilian meat, which was imposed in December, the Brazilian Animal Protein Association says.

The association issued a written statement saying China bought 13,500 tonnes of Brazilian pork last month, 122 percent more than a year earlier, and paid US$28.9 million for it, while Hong Kong imported 17,200 tonnes, 23 percent more, paying US$34.8 million.

“The swine sector entered a new phase, with a smaller reliance on sales to Eastern Europe, thus reducing the impact of the Russian embargo,” the statement quotes the head of the association, Francisco Turra, as saying.

Exports of Brazilian pork to China last month were greater than the monthly average of exports to Russia in the preceding five Januaries, the association says.