Macao Polytechnic University and the University of Coimbra collaborate on the publication of a monograph

In order to strengthen cooperation and exchanges between Sino-Lusophone academic fields and contribute to the creation of the “training hub for Chinese-Portuguese bilingual talents” in Macao, the Centre for Portuguese Studies (CPCLP) of the Macao Polytechnic University and the Center for the Study of General and Applied Linguistics (CELGA-ILTEC) of the University of Coimbra collaborated in the preparation of a monograph on studies in the field of Portuguese linguistics. The book, entitled “Brazilian Portuguese and European Portuguese: a Dialogue of Centuries”, has already been published.

The monograph “Brazilian Portuguese and European Portuguese: a centuries-old dialogue” is the result of an academic collaboration between the two universities and is part of the series “Portuguese as a Pluricentric Language – Linguistic Studies”. This series was edited by Graça Rio-Torto, a linguist at the University of Coimbra; Zhang Yunfeng, Coordinator of the CPCLP at the Polytechnic University of Macau; and Liliana Winter, Coordinator of CELGA-ILTEC at the University of Coimbra. It covers a wide range of topics, including linguistic theories and the practice of using Portuguese as a pluricentric language (both in its synchrony and diachrony).