Macao Government says Portuguese language important for co-operation

Macao’s position as a platform for co-operation between China and the Portuguese-speaking Countries depends on a strong commitment to the teaching of the Portuguese language, says Macao’s Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture Alexis Tam.

“The realisation of this strategic plan [that Beijing attributed to Macau in 2003] will be easier, the greater the bet on the Portuguese language,” Mr Tam said at the opening of the 12th Congress of the International Lusitanian Association.

“Macao has unique characteristics and exceptional advantages to successfully fulfil the mission of economic and cultural cooperation with the Portuguese-speaking Countries and also within the scope of the ‘Belt and Road’ initiative’”, the Lusa news agency reported Mr Tam as saying.

More than 140 lecturers, representing 14 countries and 80 universities are taking part in the event that is being hosted at the Polytechnic Institute of Macau and ends on Friday.