Livoltek inaugurates a photovoltaic inverter factory in Manaus

Chinese company Livoltek, a subsidiary of the Hexing Group, announced the inauguration of a new factory for the production of photovoltaic inverters, chargers for electric vehicles and the brand’s own stringboxes in Manaus (AM), Brazil. With an investment of more than R$ 70 million, the project is expected to start production in the second half of this year and will occupy 18,000 m².

Headquartered in China, the company also has solar equipment factories in Indonesia and Africa, in addition to operations in Europe. “We already have five regional offices in Brazil and our team in the country already has more than 100 professionals”, commented the CEO of Grupo Hexing Brasil, Rui Cheng.

According to the company, the construction of the project will generate more than 600 direct jobs and 2,000 indirect jobs, contributing not only to the national and Latin American photovoltaic segment but also to the economies of both Brazil and the North region.

(Source: Portal Solar)