JAC introduces new electric truck at Fenatran

The Chinese company JAC Motors launched at Fenatran, the largest road transport and logistics fair in Brazil, an electric truck called JAC E-JT 18.0, which is the largest vehicle of the Chinese brand in Brazil.

Measuring 7.20 m or 8.12 m in total length, the E-JT 18.0 has versions for urban or road use. The JAC electric truck has a 141 kWh battery bank with lithium iron phosphate cells from Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Limited. When empty, the JAC truck can run 400 km, but at half load, the range drops to 250 km and at full PBT, the vehicle reaches 175 km.

The two options of the JAC E-JT 18.0 will be powered by an engine that develops 225 horsepower and 1,000 Nm of maximum torque. The truck can safely start off on ramps with up to a 30% incline.