Macao study of Chinese traditional medicine published

Road to the East, an international journal of Sino-Portuguese studies, has published a Macao academic paper, “The Importance of Cooperating with China in the Global Health System”, the University of Macau says.

The paper is the work of researchers at the University of Macau Institute of Chinese Medical Sciences, led by Lee Ming Yuen, the deputy director of the institute, the university announced in writing on Tuesday.

The university says the paper discusses the recent evolution of research into Chinese traditional medicine in Macao, and how the city, as a nexus of China and the lusophone world, can demonstrate the potential for sales of Chinese traditional medicine worldwide.

Mr Lee sowed the seeds of the paper last May, in a speech to the Health and Wellbeing New Silk Road Conference, the university says.

The University of Macau Institute of Chinese Medical Sciences has been promoting Sino-Portuguese exchanges and collaboration in research for two decades, the university says, citing Chen Xin, the director of the institute.