Institutions in Brazil to ponder Chinese growth recipe

The Brazil-China Business Council and the Brazilian Center for International Relations will hold online next Wednesday a seminar entitled “The Venture-Capitalist State: China’s Plans for the Next Era of Growth”, the council says.

The seminar will focus on the Chinese plan for growth once the COVID-19 pandemic is over, especially the intention of the state to give massive support to high-technology industries, including those that produce semiconductors, batteries for electric cars, renewable energy and biotechnology products, the council says in a tweet posted on Tuesday.

The council says Gavekal Dragonomics research chief Arthur Kroeber will make a presentation, which will be moderated by a senior fellow at the Beijing University of International Business and Economics, Tatiana Prazeres.

Among the opening speakers will be Brazil-China Business Council President Luiz Augusto de Castro Neves and Brazilian Center for International Relations Chief Executive Julia Dias Leite, the council says.