Institutions agree to increase Sino-Brazilian exchanges, reports People’s Daily

The Renmin University of China Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies and the Alexandre de Gusmão Foundation in Brazil have agreed to arrange more exchanges between their countries, the People’s Daily reports.

The Chinese Communist Party newspaper says representatives of the two institutions signed an agreement to co-operate in putting on events that would include conferences and other discussions about trade and investment, economic development and poverty eradication, governance, sustainable development and other issues.

The report says the agreement was signed during an academic seminar in Brasilia. The signatories were Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies Executive Dean Wang Wen and Alexandre de Gusmão Foundation President Sérgio Eduardo Moreira Lima.

The Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies and the China Public Diplomacy Association formed this month a delegation to attend conferences in Brazil and hold meetings with officials there, the newspaper says.