Imac goes to China to expand the sustainable beef market

Market expansion for sustainable beef and alignment of projects with companies and the Chinese government are the main objectives of the agendas that the Instituto Mato Grosso da Carne (Imac) carries out in China.

On the 14th of May, the group got to know some beef and technology industries and processors that have a system capable of contributing to the traceability process of Brazilian beef.

The promotion of strategic projects and initiatives aimed at the sustainability of the meat chain in China was discussed at a meeting at the Brazilian Embassy in Beijing. The meeting took place on the 15th of May, with the presence of the Brazilian ambassador to China, Marcos Bezerra Abbott Galvão. Among the subjects, the Green Passport was presented and received positively.

The group also visited the ‘Tianjin Free Trade Zone’ and the operation of the Export Processing Zone. The China Mission continues until the 25th of May.

(Source: Agricultural News)