IL and ACCWS sign Brazil-China cooperation agreement

The Lula Institute (IL) and the Academy of Contemporary China and World Studies (ACCWS) signed a memorandum of understanding for the establishment of joint research centers and the working group for “Brazil-China Dialogues: Global Development and Governance”. 

The objective of the research and the working group is to foster action plans and cooperation for the sustainable economic development of the two countries.

The memorandum signing ceremony was presided over by Wang Yuning, Vice President of ACCWS. The opening speeches were given by Gao Anming, Vice President and Editor-in-Chief of China International Communication Group, Vice-Minister of Communications of China, and the senior researcher of ACCWS; as well as Celso Amorim, former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Brazil. 

Since Brazil and China probably are the dominant countries of BRICS, it is fundamental for them to have an understanding of strengthening and establishing cooperation in scientific and technological development, considers Celso Amorim.