Hunan dealer to sell Mozambique 2,000 tonnes of sesame seed

Chinese commodities trader Hunan Gaoqiao Grand Market Co. Ltd has stuck deals to sell 2,000 tonnes of sesame seed to Mozambique, and 500 tonnes of dried ginger to Nigeria, The Paper website reports.

The Chinese state-owned website says the deals were signed on Monday during the half-yearly meeting of people concerned with the China (Hunan) Pilot Free Trade Zone in Changsha, in the central Chinese province of Hunan.

The report, citing the managers of the zone, says the value of its exports was RMB6.94 million (about US$1.07 million) between its opening last September and the end of last year.

The China-Africa Economic and Trade Cooperation Promotion and Innovation Demonstration Park is in the zone, the report says.

Enterprises in the zone recently struck deals with South African businesses to import food and minerals, and export other commodities such as construction materials, The Paper website says.