Huawei will renovate a school’s computer lab in Angola

The Chinese technology company Huawei and the Office of the First Lady of Angola have recently signed a contract for the renovation of a computer room at Welwitschia Mirabilis school in the province of Namibe, Angola.

The implementation plan is scheduled for two months, and the parties intend that at the beginning of the 2022-2023 school year, the computer room will be prepared to welcome the new students of that school. Huawei will provide desktop computers, routers, switches, servers, projectors, cabinets, air conditioning, and desks.

This is a joint partnership between the Office of the First Lady of Angola and Huawei signed in the past, in which Huawei is responsible for supporting social and community development projects, granting internal scholarships and organizing training in the area of information and communication technologies for young Angolan women.