Huawei to participate in MOZTECH

The Chinese company Huawei will attend the 9th edition of MOZTECH, the largest technology fair in Mozambique. As one of the world leaders in information and communication technology, Huawei is one of the main technology providers in Mozambique and is committed to building an interconnected and smart Mozambique.

According to the company’s CEO, Huawei seeks to promote digital innovation in Mozambique; It wants to bring telecommunications to every person, every home, and every organization and hopes that it can build an interconnected and smart Mozambique.

It is not the first time for it to participate in the event. Huawei considers the MOZTECH fair an excellent space for exchanging experiences in the technology sector.

The 9th edition of Mozambique’s Digital Expo – MOZTECH – is organized by the SOICO Foundation and FUNDASO, and will be held from May 18 to 19.