Huawei set to build 5G wireless network for Cabo Verde

Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd, a Chinese maker of telecommunications equipment, has signed a deal to build a fifth-generation (5G) wireless telecommunication network in Cabo Verde, RTC reports.

The Cabo Verdean state-run radio station says Huawei and the Cabo Verdean government have struck an agreement on building information and communication technology infrastructure.

The report says Cabo Verdean Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Olavo Correia posted online a statement saying Huawei will first help build a 4G network, and later build a 5G network.

Mr Correia said the 5G network could be useful in the fields of education, vocational training, healthcare and transport, so helping develop Cabo Verde.

Huawei has also built a police command and control centre for Cabo Verde, and installed surveillance and communication systems, as part of a project to make the country safer, RTC says.