Huawei, Brazilian partners to use AI in farming solar energy

Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd of China and Brazilian companies WDC Networks and HDT Energy have formed a partnership to apply artificial intelligence and high-performance optimisers with lithium batteries in the generation of solar power, the BN Americas website reports.

The website, citing a written statement by Huawei, says HDT Energy, already a partner of Huawei, will handle the logistics of the new partnership, and that WDC Networks will handle distribution to over 12,000 integrators.

The statement quotes an executive of Huawei in Latin America, Fábio Mendes, as saying the goal is to expand the presence of its brand in the Brazilian residential, commercial and industrial markets for what it sells.

Huawei says it has 30 per cent of the Brazilian market for inverters, the biggest share, being involved in about 70 projects to build big or medium facilities with a combined generating capacity of 4 gigawatts, the BN Americas website says.