Hong Kong Museum of History prepares exhibition on Lusodescendants

The Hong Kong Museum of History is preparing an exhibition on the centenary presence of Lusodescendants in the Chinese region, which is scheduled to open in mid-2023, the project coordinator said on the 12th of December.

In a leaflet about a campaign to collect artefacts, documents and photographs for the exhibition, the museum says it wants to bring the exceptional history of the Portuguese community in Hong Kong to the forefront.

The museum also highlights the picturesque diversity of Lusodescendants, including Catholic religious traditions, fusion cuisine and Patuá, an endangered Portuguese-based Creole language.

Lusodescendants prospered in various industries, the museum recalls, such as printing, pharmaceuticals and law. Even today the presence of the community in justice is visible..

(Source: Comunidade Cultura e Arte)