Haval H6 for Brazil is already being manufactured in China

The Haval H6 2023 from the Chinese brand Great Wall Motors (GWM) has already started its production in China for shipment to the Brazilian market. This medium SUV will be the first batch to arrive in Brazil in November.

The test drive will begin in shopping malls next year. From May 2023, the Haval H6 will reach customers.

Oswaldo Ramos, commercial director of GWM in Brazil, said that with the desire of the Brazilian consumer to have a real experience with electrification, the range offered in electric mode with the Haval H6 is 200 kilometers. The commercial head of GWM indicated that so far the H6 remains imported and that the idea is that the first cars assembled in Iracemápolis will be flex hybrids.

In addition, GWM is preparing an unprecedented pickup for the Brazilian market, where production in Iracemápolis begins in 2024.