GWM SUV arrives in the Brazilian market

The Brazilian automotive market is about to receive the SUV Haval H6 GT, a hybrid vehicle from the Chinese automaker GWM. Brazil has already received the first batch of the vehicle, composed of 41 units.

On pre-sale, GWM’s new model is a plug-in hybrid SUV (PHEV) that features a sporty look, coupe body and a high level of performance combined with an unprecedented 170 km electric range.

As for its performance, GWM claims that the Haval H6 GT has acceleration power from 0 to 100 km/h in just 4.8 seconds, driven by e-Traction technology, which is composed of a 1.5 turbo combustion engine and two electric motors. This powertrain is capable of generating 393 hp of combined power and 762 Nm of combined torque, using the same platform as the Haval H6 Premium PHEV AWD, a family version of the H6 GT.

(Source: Olhar Digital)