Guizhou urged to reach out to lusophone world through Macao

The southwestern Chinese province of Guizhou should use Macao as a bridge to the Portuguese-speaking world for the purpose of economic engagement, the China News Service (CNS) reports, citing Macau Guizhou Chamber of Commerce Executive Vice-president Chen Shun Hui.

The Chinese state-run news agency quotes Mr Chen as telling a meeting with the public United Front Work Department of Guizhou  on Monday that the province should forge durable links with the lusophone world in the fields of tourism, culture, big data and Chinese traditional medicine.

Mr Chen said the quaint towns and villages of Guizhou and the rich culture of its people were potential tourist draws.

Representatives of 11 enterprises in Macao, Hong Kong, Taiwan and elsewhere attended the meeting, which was called to discuss ways to develop Guizhou, CNS says.