Guinea-Bissau takes rice and cashew to China-Africa Economic and Trade Expo

Guinea-Bissau will take rice, cashew and other products to the China-Africa Economic and Trade Expo, announced the spokesperson for companies that will represent the country, Debucada Sanca Mendonça on the 16th of June.

This is the first participation of Guinea-Bissau in the event, Debucada Mendonça said that the country will also take “pano di pinti”, clothes, peanut, yam, honey and mango, in the hope that Chinese companies will be interested in these products.

The Guinean delegation will consist of 12 people, including the government’s Minister of Agriculture, Botche Candé, and representatives from construction, fashion, intermediary services, tourism, and local products companies.

About her return to China, where she studied for eight years, Debucada Mendonça, the spokesperson of the Guinean companies, who is currently an employee of the Ministry of Finance, said she is with a feeling of returning to her second homeland.

(Source: Notícias ao Minuto)