Guinea Bissau open to foreign investment: PM

The Prime Minister of Guinea Bissau, Carlos Correia, has told a delegation of Chinese businessmen the Government is open to investment proposals that help the country’s development, Portuguese language online newspaper Jornal Digital reported.

Mr Correia made his remarks on Monday during a meeting with them.

Mr Correia reportedly told the Chinese delegation that Guinea Bissau has potential, but lacks the means and technology to invest and explore it.

The first minister added the Government is willing to make it easier for investors to help the country’s development.

A delegation of the Overseas Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry has been in Guinea Bissau since October 1. It is scheduled to sign a series of deals, including one to build a hospital and one to construct a hotel in the African nation.

The delegation’s visit followed an invitation from Guinea Bissau’s Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Agriculture and Services.