Greater Sino-Mozambican cooperation against COVID-19 sought

Mozambique is hoping for greater Sino-Mozambican cooperation in countering COVID-19, to quicken its recovery from the economic and social disruption caused by the pandemic, the Chinese Embassy in Maputo says.

Mozambican Health Minister Armindo Tiago and Mineral Resources and Energy Minister Ernesto Tonela both called for more cooperation when they met Chinese Ambassador to Mozambique Wang Hejun on Monday, according to a written statement issued by the embassy the day after.

The statement quotes Mr Tiago as commending China for its contribution to the global programme that supplies Mozambique with COVID-19 vaccines.

The statement quotes Mr Tonela as remarking on help China is giving his country to resume work on projects interrupted by the pandemic, and as calling for more cooperation in exploiting mineral resources and energy.

Mr Wang promised Chinese help for Mozambique to obtain more vaccine, and closer cooperation in countering the pandemic, his embassy says.