Government of Paraíba signs partnership with Chinese company to carry out research and teaching in the area of information technology

On the 19th of July, the Government of Paraíba signed a Cooperation Agreement with the company Dahua Technology in China, which aims to complement and improve research and teaching in the areas of Information Technology, Big Data Traffic Management and Smart Classrooms.

The partnership will benefit students from the “Limit of the Visible” Program as well as civil servants and partner institutions of the State Government, allowing free access to the company’s courses.

The Cooperation Agreement was signed by the Secretary of State for Science and Technology, Cláudio Furtado, and by Dahua’s International Vice President, Neil Ni, and CEO Brazil, Lin Xiong. The signing took place at the company’s headquarters in Hangzhou, and was attended by the Secretary of State for Planning and Management, Gilmar Martins.

(Source: Government of Paraíba)