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Forum Macao delegation visits Zhoushan and Hangzhou on a prospecting and promotional tour

The Secretary-General of the Permanent Secretariat of the Forum for Economic and Trade Co-operation between China and Portuguese-speaking Countries (Macao), also known as Forum Macao, Ms Xu Yingzhen, led a Forum Macao delegation to visit Zhoushan and Hangzhou, in mainland China, between November 21 and 25. The visit was aimed at nurturing closer economic and trade ties between Zhoushan, Hangzhou and Portuguese-speaking Countries – through the Macao Platform – in order further to enhance regional co-operation between Mainland China and Portuguese-speaking Countries.

During their stay in Zhoushan, members of the Forum Macao delegation had a meeting with the Secretary of the Communist Party of China Zhoushan Municipal Committee, Mr Zhou Jiangyong, to discuss new opportunities for co-operation between Zhoushan, Macao and Portuguese-speaking Countries. The delegation visited the Zhoushan Archipelago New Area Exhibition Hall; the Zhoushan Deep-sea Fishing Station; the International Aquatic Product City Zhoushan; and several companies related respectively to the fisheries industry and the food industry.

The delegation also organised, together with Zhoushan Municipality, the “Meeting on Production Capacity Co-operation between Zhoushan, Macao and Portuguese-speaking Countries”. The Vice Mayor of Zhoushan Municipality, Mr Jiang Jianming, attended the event, as well as officials from the Zhoushan Ocean And Fishery Bureau; the Zhoushan Bureau of Commerce; the Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office; the Zhoushan Municipal Bureau of Foreign Investment Promotion; and the Zhoushan Deep-sea Fishing Station.

Participants in the event also included representatives of several companies related to fields including deep-sea fishery, maritime products, investment and finance, food processing, logistics, ship construction, and the maritime transportation industry. During the Meeting, participants discussed co-operation between Zhoushan, Macao and Portuguese-speaking Countries. Representatives from Portuguese-speaking Countries that are members of Forum Macao gave presentations on the investment environment and preferential policies in their respective nations, and exchanged views with those at the Meeting on matters of mutual interest.

On November 24, the delegation visited Hangzhou, where it paid visits to several companies, including Alibaba Group. During their stay in Hangzhou, the “Meeting on Production Capacity Co-operation between Zhejiang, Macao and Portuguese-speaking Countries” was held – it was organised in collaboration with the Department of Commerce of Zhejiang Province. A total of 30 people took part in the event, including officials from the Department of Commerce and representatives from several Zhejiang companies interested in investing in Portuguese-speaking Countries. During the event, a representative of the Department of Commerce delivered a presentation about the economic development of Zhejiang Province, while the Secretary-General of Forum Macau, Ms Xu Yingshen, offered a detailed presentation of Forum Macao and Macao’s role as a platform. Representatives of Portuguese-speaking Countries that are members of Forum Macao delivered presentations on the business environment of their respective nations. Participants in the Meeting exchanged views on ways to make use of the Macao Platform to promote the internationalisation of Zhejiang’s companies and to promote regional co-operation and sustainable development. A business matching session between Representatives of Portuguese-speaking Countries and companies interested in investing in those countries was also held.

The visit and exchanges allowed the strengthening of contacts between the Permanent Secretariat of Forum Macao and trade and economic authorities in Zhejiang. They also contributed to enhancing the knowledge of Zhejiang’s companies regarding: the business and investment environment of Portuguese-speaking Countries; the work of Forum Macao; and the role of Macao as a platform. The visit not only paved way for future co-operation opportunities between Zhejiang and Portuguese-speaking Countries, but also contributed to identifying channels aimed at introducing products from those countries into Zhejiang. Activities held in Zhejiang have also contributed to strengthening pragmatic co-operation between companies from Mainland China – especially from Zhejiang – Macao, and Portuguese-speaking Countries. This stresses the relevance of Macao’s role as a services platform.