First vehicle for the Portuguese metro project rolls off the production line

The first metro vehicle developed by Chinese manufacturer CRRC Tangshan Co., Ltd. rolled off the production line on Tuesday and will be tested in Tangshan City, in the Hebei Province of China. The vehicle will be exported for use in the Metro do Porto project.

This is the first contract for the supply of metro vehicles that China won in Europe in January 2020. The project’s production was launched by CRRC Tangshan in November of the same year.

In accordance with the contract, CRRC Tangshan will construct 18 metro vehicles, for a total of 72 vehicles, for the Metro do Porto firm and will provide a five-year maintenance service. The metro vehicles featured a lightweight design, low energy consumption, low noise, and smart operation, with a capacity of 334 passengers on each train and a maximum speed of 80 km per hour.