FAO tips Chinese demand to spur Brazilian meat export growth

The UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) says it expects strong demand from China, and permission for more slaughterhouses to export there, to drive growth of Brazilian exports of meat.

An FAO biannual publication, Food Outlook, says the agency expects growth of 6 percent this year.

Food Outlook says Brazilian output of beef and pork is set to increase because of favourable weather, abundant pasture and competitive prices for feed.

The publication says the FAO believes the amount of meat products traded globally will increase this year by 2.4 percent to 37 million tonnes.

The agency expects China to import 24 percent more meat this year than last, the publication says.

The FAO attributes the growth of demand in China for imported meat mainly to the contraction of pork output there due to African swine fever, Food Outlook says.