Facily adopts smart cabinets from Cainiao

The Brazilian social commerce platform Facily has entered into a partnership with Cainiao, the logistics arm of the Chinese giant Alibaba, which expands the possibilities for withdrawing purchases from customers. With the agreement, the company now has 1,000 Cainiao Smart Lockers.

Diego Dzodan, CEO of Facily, said the company has thousands of collection points and Cainiao Smart Lockers will be part of its current network. Customers can enjoy a digital, modern and convenient offer thanks to the synergy between the two companies. He looks forward to deepening the partnership with Cainiao in the near future.

Albert Yan, country manager of Cainiao in Brazil, highlighted that the company values the partnership with Facily and the shared commitment to serve Brazilian consumers with smart and easy-to-use collection services. Smart Lockers will help alleviate Brazil’s growing traffic congestion by reducing delivery times for vehicles and couriers.

(Source: ITForum)