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Extraordinary Ministerial Meeting of Forum Macao

The Extraordinary Ministerial Meeting of the Forum for Economic and Trade Co-operation between China and Portuguese-speaking Countries (Macao) will be held online on April 10, 2022, simultaneously via Macao and Beijing.

The Meeting, to be held under the theme “Cooperate to fight against the pandemic, Collaborate for common development”, will include several activities: the Opening Ceremony of the Extraordinary Ministerial Meeting of Forum Macao; the Unveiling Ceremony of the Plaque of the China-Portuguese-speaking Countries Exchange Centre for Epidemic Prevention; the Extraordinary Ministerial Meeting; and the Signing Ceremony of the Joint Declaration.

The Meeting will be held in line with Forum Macao’s original aspirations and will seek to establish consensus regarding its role as a multilateral cooperation mechanism seeking to promote mutual development.

In addition, the Joint Declaration will outline, thanks to the commitment of all members of Forum Macao, a new phase for its work in several areas, including: the fight against the pandemic; promotion of economic growth; and enhancing Macao’s role as an exchange platform between China and Portuguese-speaking Countries. Such efforts would be with the aim of increasing cooperation in areas such as economic matters, trade, culture, and healthcare, between Mainland China, Macao, and Portuguese-speaking Countries.

Since its establishment in 2003, Forum Macao has been committed to implementing its Action Plans, which have been signed in each of the past editions of the Ministerial Conference. Forum Macao had achieved enormous progress in a number of areas: trade and investment; promotion of several industries; cultural exchanges; and strengthening of cooperation between the countries involved in Forum Macao. 

It had also achieved high-level results regarding multilateral cooperation and bilateral cooperation between members of Forum Macao, in order to continuously strengthen cooperation between China and Portuguese-speaking Countries.