Experts from China test novel crops in São Tomé and Príncipe  

Chinese agricultural technicians have been testing how new kinds of crops might fare in São Tomé and Príncipe, Lusa reports.

The Portuguese news agency quotes São Tomé Centre for Agronomic and Technological Research Director Severino Espírito Santo as describing co-operation by his country and China in agriculture as “very good in terms of new technology demonstrations in the field of food and vegetable crops – two areas in which the Chinese technicians are working with the São Tomé government.”

Mr Espírito Santo said new kinds of bean, carrot and cabbage introduced by the Chinese might need some promotion, because the São Tomé and Príncipe public was unfamiliar with them.

The government of São Tomé and Príncipe has given permission for a new kind of hybrid corn developed by the Chinese to be planted commercially, but will allow it to be sold only for animal feed, Lusa says.