Exhibition in Rio brings the diversity of Chinese contemporary art

After a successful season in Brasilia, the international exhibition “Behind the Great Wall: New Chinese and Brazilian Art” continues its trip around Brazil and arrives in Rio de Janeiro on Wednesday. Curated by the Brazilian Clay D’Paula, the collective was taken to the Post Office Cultural Center, which opens to the public for free, to show the precious and little-known diversity of Chinese contemporary art.

In addition to works by well-known personalities in China’s present art scene, such as Angel HUI Hoi Kiu and Sun Xun, the exhibition also showcases the works of Brazilian artists, such as Christus Nóbrega and Dulce Schuck Schunck. The exhibition will be on display until 29th July.

The curator stated that the exhibition intends to encourage cultural interchange between the two countries’ productions. In this project, there is no distinction between the two groups of artists and the artworks are related, building a cultural bridge that connects the two countries.