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Exhibition by Cabo Verdean artist Eduardo Bentub concluded successfully

The 17-day “10 small pieces of land, independent, in the middle of the Atlantic” exhibition, featuring work by Cabo Verdean artist Eduardo Bentub, ended on July 18. It was part of the exhibition series “Lusophone Polychromes”, part of the 13th Cultural Week of China and Portuguese-speaking Countries, organised by the Permanent Secretariat of Forum Macao.

The exhibition by Eduardo Bentub presented the daily life, habits and culture of the people of Cabo Verde, as well as the country’s natural landscapes. His exhibition brought together about 20 works using expressive and vivid colours.

In tandem with the exhibition, the Macau-Cabo Verde Friendship Association held a series of workshops. Several artists taught participants how to dance and swing to the rhythm of music from Cabo Verde, as well as to play Cabo Verdean musical instruments, in order to experience the country’s music and dance culture. 

The workshops attracted the participation of many local people. Participants said the innovative combination of an exhibition and workshop offers citizens a chance to get a taste of Cape Verdean history and traditional culture, helping Macao serve as a place where cultures from China and Portuguese-speaking Countries meet.

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