Exec says easier access means more Sino-Brazilian business

Brazil-China Business Council President Luiz Augusto Castro Neves has said greater access to Chinese markets may increase the amount of business China and Brazil do with each other, Xinhua reports.

The Chinese government-run news agency quotes Mr Neves as saying in an interview that Chinese authorities are making efforts to open up markets in China to foreigners, including helping foreign companies do business there.

“Greater opening-up of the market and less intervention lead to a simple and clear regulatory environment,” Mr Neves said. “There are several Brazilian companies established in China, and there will certainly be others that are interested.”

He said he hoped Brazilian companies could increase their presence in China, since over 200 Chinese companies did business in 23 of Brazil’s 27 states.

Chinese President Xi Jinping said this month that his country would keep on opening up to the outside world, Xinhua says.