Event to tell Brazilian businesses about e-commerce in China

The Brazilian trade and investment promotion agency, Apex-Brasil, says it is taking applications to attend a conference on trading internationally online.

The Apex-Brasil e-Xport Meeting will be held online from September 14 to 17, and the third day will be given over to e-commerce in China, according to the preliminary programme issued by the agency.

The programme indicates that a representative of the company that runs the TikTok video-sharing service, ByteDance Ltd of China, will talk about how to use TikTok for selling; that a representative of another Chinese company, Alibaba Group Holding Ltd, will explain how Brazilian enterprises can use its e-commerce services sell to their Chinese counterparts; and that In Hsieh, a co-founder of Chinnovation, which helps Brazilian entrepreneurs penetrate Chinese markets, will talk about social and livestreaming e-commerce in China.

A representative of a Brazilian maker of spirits, Distillerie Stock do Brasil Ltda, will tell the Apex-Brasil e-Xport Meeting about the company’s experience of e-commerce in China, the preliminary programme indicates.