Envoy thanks China for helping Cabo Verde counter COVID-19

Cabo Verdean Ambassador to Beijing Tânia Romualdo has expressed her gratitude to China for supplying her country with resources needed to counter the COVID-19 pandemic, the People’s Daily reports.

The international edition of the Chinese Communist Party newspaper says Ms Romualdo was speaking at a celebration on Tuesday of 45 years of Sino-Cabo Verdean diplomatic relations.

Ms Romualdo was among representatives of Cabo Verde and China that planted 10 trees, symbols of a fruitful relationship, in a Beijing garden, the report says.

Sino-Cabo Verdean exchanges and cooperation have grown in the past 45 years, the People’s Daily quotes Ms Romualdo as saying.

In February the Chinese Embassy in Praia announced that the latest of 19 Chinese medical missions to Cabo Verde had arrived there to join the effort to counter the COVID-19 pandemic.