Envoy invites Chinese to invest more in Timor-Leste

Timorese Ambassador to China Bendito dos Santos Freitas says Chinese companies are welcome to invest more in farming, fishing and other industries in his country, the People’s Daily reports.

The international edition of the Chinese Communist Party newspaper quotes Mr Santos Freitas as saying in an interview that Timor-Leste is rich in fish, and known for its organically grown coffee.

The report says Timorese kopi luwak coffee beans have sold well in China since they were exhibited at the China International Import Expo last year.

It quotes Mr Santos Freitas as saying Timor-Leste has benefited from the Chinese Belt and Road initiative, and is grateful for Chinese help in developing its infrastructure.

Mr Santos Freitas called for more Sino-Timorese cooperation in various fields for the benefit of Chinese and Timorese alike, the People’s Daily says.