EDP is getting ready to sell China Three Gorges a stake in a Peruvian project

EDP is completing the sale of its 50% stake in the 206 megawatts San Gaban III hydroelectric project in Peru, a dam that signaled the introduction of a Portuguese electricity company into the South American market in 2017. China Three Gorges (CTG), the largest shareholder in EDP and the current owner of the other 50%, will be the buyer.

The San Gaban III power plant has a 30-year concession, won in November 2017 by the Hydro Global consortium, owned in equal parts by EDP and CTG. After the transition, CTG becomes the only shareholder of this hydroelectric project.

This hydroelectric station, which cost 560 million dollars, received a 365 million dollars, 19-year loan from the China Development Bank.