Curitiba is chosen as a model of sustainability in Brazil by CGTN

A team from the China Global Television Network (CGTN) is in Curitiba, Brazil, to produce a series of reports on sustainable development. Model cities were chosen around the world, and Curitiba is the municipality that represents Brazil.

The CGTN team will record five reports in the city, presenting initiatives adopted by the City Council to ensure sustainable development. The recordings will contain the City Council’s flood-control efforts, the Honey Gardens and community gardens program, the Sustainability School of Curitiba, the Green Exchange, and a historical profile of the city.

According to the producer and member of the CGTN team in São Paulo, Thiago Gabriel, Curitiba was chosen because it has many initiatives in the area of ecology and sustainability. Some of these projects are even original. In addition, the city is also very concerned about environmental education.