CRRC establishes a smart city cultural and technological exchange center in Brazil

The Inauguration Ceremony of the Smart City Cultural and Technological Exchange Center of CRRC Changchun (Brazil) was held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on the 3rd of March.

The Executive Director and General Manager of CRRC Changchun in Brazil stated, “As an important force for China’s rail transit equipment industry to go global, CRRC is committed to sharing Chinese experience and providing Chinese solutions.”

It was informed that since 2008, the company has delivered 604 passenger rail vehicles to the state of Rio de Janeiro.

Based on the future transport planning of cities such as Rio de Janeiro and Brasília, the company continues to promote investment in research and development of more advanced product technology, including supercapacitor light trains, 100% of light trains on low-floor rails, the new generation of GOA4 meters, hydrogen-powered urban trains, among others.

(Source: Xinhua Português)